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Ridiculous Stock Photos That Come Up When Searching “Women Smoking”

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coyblueshirtEarlier today, I wrote this post about women and smoking and HOO BOY did I laugh and shake my head in disbelief when I searched stock photos for the search term “women smoking.” I wasn't surprised; stock photo sites are notorious for their often sexist and just plain strange depictions of women (see also: pregnant women smoking and “woman at bar.”) Still, you've got to click through for some of the crazy-ass images that come up on THE FIRST PAGE of search results for “women smoking.” From scantily-clad vampires to faux Goth warriors and quite a few pictures I can't even connect to smoking AT ALL (I'm looking at you, creepy priestess), Shutterstock has inadvertently created an anti-smoking PSA.

All images: Shutterstock