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This Cooking Parody Video Is The Funniest Thing Foodies Will Watch Today

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This Cooking Parody Video Is The Funniest Thing Foodies Will Watch Today tortoise on sand jpg

ClickHole is putting cooking videos on the comedy chopping block today with an amazing parody video that won’t be on the Food Network anytime soon. They’ve created The Perfect Recipe For A Healthy 20 Minute Dinner, a video probably every aspiring chef has made at some point in their culinary career. But this vid is not your average Martha Stewart instructional, and it definitely might take longer than the typical 20 minute pasta recipe.

So all you’re going to need to make this dish is a basic cooking pot, a pan, a can of low sodium tomato sauce, cumin, a pound of whole wheat spaghetti, a rare Galapagos turtle found only in the San Diego Zoo, 1/2 cup of diced carrots, and some crushed red pepper for taste.

We know what you’re thinking. “What the heck is cumin?” It’s a peppery spice that comes from a Mediterranean seed, a staple in Middle Eastern cuisine. You can find it in most grocery stores. Great, so do you have all the ingredients together now? No? You don’t have access to a rare Galapagos Tortoise found only in the San Diego Zoo? Not to worry, because this video will show you exactly how to procure the little guy.

This video makes me feel better about all those times I’ve gotten completely lost by a recipe within the first five minutes of watching. Sure, ‘simple and easy’ for YOU to lightly sear that salmon filet, chef-with-ten-years-of-experience. You might as well be telling me to steal a rare endangered turtle from a world famous zoo!

(Image: Mikhail Blajenov/Shutterstock)