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Fun With Stock Photos: Pregnant Ladies Smoking

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The archives of a photo stock site are an interesting place. Often they are incredibly helpful when you're in need of a specific photo to illustrate an article. But sometimes, an innocuous search comes back with very strange results. Like the other day, when I searched “woman smoking” for this post, and came upon a huge cache of pregnant ladies with cigarettes.

Not since the first season of Mad Men have I been inundated with so many images of women trying to harm their fetuses with cigarette smoke. I also had trouble coming up with article ideas that would warrant such photos. But maybe ThinkStock is just preparing for a blogger apocalypse where women start revolting from their reproductive system and we all have to write stories about smoking out the babies that won't stop coming into our wombs.

Because everybody knows that smoking is bad when you're preggers. But what exactly happens when a pregnant lady needs to feed her nicotine cravings?

Sometimes a mom-to-be just has to feed her craving for nicotine while wearing a belly shirt, ok?

Even if that means doing it while strung out on a concrete floor:

“I told you I only smoke Virginia Slims while pregnant!”


Uhoh. This baby came prepared for the smoke out:

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