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10 Fun Popsicle Molds For The Cutest Boozy Ice Pops

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fun popsicle moldsThe weather is really heating up rapidly here on the East Coast. It'll be seasons before we can go back to sipping on hot toddies and mulled wine, but that's okay. For now we can look forward to ice cold beers, micheladas, frozen cocktails and my personal favorite: boozy popsicles.

Making popsicles for grown-ups is a fun activity with a really fun outcome, particularly if you have adorable popsicle molds.

Here are 10  darling popsicle molds you can buy online:

1) Rocket Frozen Pop Molds.
cute popsicle rockets

Everyone agrees that rockets are cool. These popsicle molds have a cute retro vibe that will remind you of the popsicles you used to get when chasing after the ice cream truck. $8.99 via Williams Sonoma 

2) Star Popsicle Molds.cute popsicle stars

My stars! Imagine what you can do with these on Memorial Day or The Fourth of July or any balmy Friday. $12.19 via Target

3) Mini Pop Mold.cute mini popsicle

These mini pops will help keep you and your guests from getting too tipsy on tasty popsicles. $16.99 via Crate & Barrel 

4) Zip-Top Ice-Pop Pouch!cute ice pop

They may not be as adorable as the other molds, but they still have the nostalgia factor and are more portable in case you need to take your pops to a second location. These are BPA free, so you can feel safe slurping a frozen ice pop out of one. $2.99 via Amazon

5) Jewels Ice Pop Molds.frozen ring pops

Frozen ring pops for adults are the perfect treat for a no kids allowed BBQ. Just make sure you eat them quickly or you'll end up with sticky paws. $10.95 via Cooking.com

6) Glowing Light Saber Star Wars Ice Pop Molds.star wars ice pops

I want these so badly. They actually light up because the “hilts” are equipped with LEDs that illuminate the pop. How magical! $27.99 via Think Geek

7) Sailboat Popsicle Mold.sail boat popsicle

There's a preppy elegance to this set of nautical popsicle molds. $12 via Amazon

8) Swirly Popsicle Moldswirly pops

Your ice pops will look more and more like severed unicorn horns as you keep eating them. $9.96 via ReUseIt

9) Tongue Shaped Ice Pop Moldtongue pop

Most of the popsicle molds on here can be used for virgin popsicles as well as drunken novelties, but the subtle vulgarity of this suggestive shape makes this tongue mold set very grown-up. $9.95 via Prairie Moon

10) Samurice Ninja Ice Pop Moldsice sword

Love these! They're cute, silly and have a punny name. What's more fun than pretend sword fighting and then getting to eat the sword? Getting a little drunk while you're at it! $12.99 via Perpetual Kid