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From Snowy Field To Solar Farm

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In Vermont, The Guard has been planning on going solar. And they have already eyed a place where they can build a solar farm. What is currently a field filled with snow would soon become a solar farm if they decide to push through with this solar project.

Col. Doug Fick is the Vermont Air National Guard's commander. On this, he says, “Right here what we are looking at right now is one of our prime proposed sites if we go the photovoltaic route.”

They are actually looking at putting in 5000 units of solar panels on that available piece of land. That sure will bring in a lot of power to help with their facilities. At present, engineers have been studying the whole project so as to see what would be the best way to actually use the land for solar use.

That's really a good project if you ask me. And people will know more about solar power and what it can do. Hope this project pushes through.

Source: Vermont's Own