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That Fried Rat You See On Facebook Isn’t Real. Here’s Why

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In some very unsettling news, one man has claimed that KFC served him a “cooked rat” instead of the chicken tenders he politely asked for.

According to his story — and this photo that quickly went viral — Devorise Dixon visited a KFC in Wilmington, Calif. last week. He allegedly ordered a three piece chicken tender meal, yet noticed that his meat was “hard/tough and rubbery” compared to what he expected chicken should taste like. Upon closer investigation (ie., looking down at his meal) Dixon discovered his chicken was not chicken at all — but a deep-fried rat.

The story is most likely a hoax, so you can thank your lucky stars, say a brief ‘Hallelujah” and continue to eat at KFC as you please. However, as you can probably imagine, the fried chicken conglomerate is none too pleased about this.

Dixon’s post of the meal on Facebook — which has since been shared thousands of times — was accompanied by a warning to watch what you eat because “people are sick out there.” He then followed up with another series of images on Facebook with the caption: “Went back to KFC yesterday and spoke to the manager.  She said it is a rat an apologized, it’s time for a lawyer. Be safe. Don’t eat fast food!!!”

KFC has noted that the restaurant takes Dixon’s claims “very seriously” and has encouraged Dixon to come forward with the “rat chicken” so they can test it. However, Dixon — besides his Facebook posts — remains elusive. KFC will continue to investigate the matter, but note that chicken comes in all shapes and sizes.

As for me, I’ll continue to avoid any rat chicken by only eating dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets.

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