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Here’s Your Friday LOL: “Birth Control On The Bottom”

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It's Friday and you need to laugh. So watch this hilarious video that skewers female-centric advertising, brought to you via Yahoo!'s Sketchy. Behold, “Birth Control On The Bottom.”

With a cast of “diverse girlfriends” including Megan Amram (of Twitter hilarity), Rosa Salazar (otherwise known as Zoe, the pregnant young woman on Parenthood who didn't give her baby to Joel and Julia. SOB.), Retta (Donna from Parks And Recreation) other hilarious actresses and…Weird Al Yankovic, this sketch perfectly captures the ridiculousness of birth control commercials, yogurt commercials and the super saccharine, politically-correct advertising world.

My favorite quotes? “Your boyfriend won't even know it's not dessert!” and “I think I speak for all women when I say that we're all friends with one white girl, one black girl, one Latina and one deafsie!” LOL forever.

Video via Yahoo! Sketchy