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Friday Game Night: Road Trip Games

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This week I’m doing changing the reviews up a bit and talking about some games that some of you may know and some may not know. See we are

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IMG: Elizabeth Ferree

currently on a road trip which means a lot of CAR GAMES will be played, some of these games are made up and others I learned as a child.

ABC Game:  The ABC game is just what you think. Look outside your car window and when you see a letter “A” call it and the name. For example: There is a U-Haul right beside me that has an “A” in it, now I’d move on to “B.”  The game continues until you get to “Z.”  Some play this game where a person must see the “A” in the beginning of a word, we found that a bit too difficult with our kids.

Out of State License Plate: This game is once again just like it sounds, however unlike the regular game we don’t hit one another. Instead we call “Texas” and get the point. The kids love looking for different license plates and it keeps them busy.  This game can also be done with slug bugs, trucks, jeeps, color of vehicles, etc. 

I Spy:  One person starts the game off by spotting something everyone can see and states, “I Spy.”  The others in the car must guess what they spy by asking questions or just shouting out. If someone guesses it is their turn, however if no one guess the “it” person can go again or give their turn to another player.

What are some games you like to play on road trips? All the games mentioned above can be played with anyone that knows the alphabet, colors, etc. My two year old loves playing the jeep game with us.