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Classier, But Not Healthier: France Rolls Out The McBaguette

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Don’t let the french fool you: they love McDonald’s just as much as Americans do. But because they are French, they like their McDonald’s (they call it “McDo’s” over there)  with an air of distinction. Of class. Of bready-ness. Which is why I’m a little surprised that it’s taken so long for the McBaguette to become a thing. Oui! You can now become the epitome of an American in Paris by eating your hamburger on a long, crispy roll. I guess it’s better than hot dog stuffed pizza crust? Maybe?

Except it isn’t, and here is why: McDonald’s in France has always had on major health edge of its stateside brethren–they keep it a little smaller over there. Fewer items come in gigantic servings, because, as we’ve learned from every diet book about the skinny French, the dames de Paris like rich food in teeny, tiny portions. Sure, they have some large offerings like American McDonald’s, but they’re much less popular than more moderately-sized items.

But the McBaguette, as you can see, is long–like a traditional, goes-perfectly-with-a-beret-and-a-striped-shirt baguette should be–which means it requires two hamburger patties. It is basically two of their other French-sounding sandwich, Le Charolais, which comes on a reasonably-sized roll. Which makes it, at 650 calories, the second most highly caloric sandwich on a French McDonald’s menu. It is second only to the Chicken Mythic Bacon, which includes bacon and a breaded chicken patty.

Oh, Le Français. You’ve always been a shining beacon of dietary reason, insisting that your McDonald’s fare be ever so slightly less salty, less giant, less embarrassing. But now, your most “French” offering (I mean, come on. We call it “French bread” here in the States) is also your largest.

Le sigh. I suppose in fast food, nothing is sacred.

Image: McDonald’s