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Free Pattern to Sew Your Own Crew Neck Over-the-Head Baby Bib

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completed-over-the-head-bib-small.jpgAfter I posted instructions for how to sew your own baby bib with extra-long ties around the neck, a reader posted a comment asking for a pattern for a crew neck over-the-head baby bib. In the wonderful way of the internet and the breastfeeding community, reader Elizabeth jumped in with an offer to email her pattern out. After the seventh request for the pattern (eight if you count yesterday's!), I asked Elizabeth if she would mind sharing the pattern directly on the blog, and she happily agreed! Thanks Elizabeth for sharing your instructions and photos for a free over-the-head bib pattern!

Super Easy Pullover Bib


~ 1 fingertip towel (regular-sized hand towel)
~ 10 5/8″ x 3″ ribbed knit fabric — I don't necessarily use ribbing, but I look for a ribbed knit that has spandex in it so it will keep its shape.
(Ribbed knit should have the ribs top-to-bottom)



1. Fold the top of the fingertip towel 1/3 of the way down, and mark this line — this will be the center of your circle opening.

plate-as-bib-neck-pattern.jpg paper-neck-pattern-on-towel.jpg

2. Make a 5″ circle template and center it on the line marked in step 1. (I used a small plate to make my template.)


3. Stitch ends of ribbed knit to make a circle with a 1/4″ seam allowance. Fold in half so seam allowance is inside.


4. Mark top, bottom, left, and right points of circle. Divide ribbing into fourths and mark with pins.


5. Place raw edge of ribbing along the opening in the bib (right side), matching pins and markings and stretching as necessary.


6. Stitch a 1/4″ seam — I use my serger and simply serge. If you are not using a serger, I would recommend a stretch stitch of some sort.

7. You can fold the seam allowance to the underside and top stitch, but I would make sure you are using a stretch stitch or you will lose some of the stretch. I never do this step, I simply press the seam allowance away from the neck hole.

The finished product:


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