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Free fun for babies

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There's lots of free fun to be had if you happen to be under the age of one year. That's the nice thing about babies. They're easy going and like lots of cheap stuff that older kids aren't impressed with. For example…

free fun for babies

Clean laundry: Clean laundry engages all your baby's senses for FREE. I mean you have to fold it anyhow, so toss a warm load right over that baby while you sort and fold. Laundry is warm, smells nice, and is full of textures and colors giving your baby a full on fun experience. My son loved clean laundry as a baby (not as much as the basket, but a lot) and it kept him busy while I folded.

The strainer: Strainers create magical rain drops that most babies adore. In the tub or outside in the grass. You do waste a little water, but it's all in the name of fun.

The library: The library is free, full of nice books, different people, and most have cool hands on toys that babies like in the kids section.

Bembo’s Zoo: This site is the most awesome free Internet fun for babes. Once you hit the site, you click on the various alphabet letters which morphs into an animal word, then morphs a second time into an animal made out of that word. It’s amazingly simple, yet educational free fun for a tiny tot.

Milk carton blocks: Save your old milk cartons. Wash well. Stuff with recycled newspaper or old shredded mail. Tape the open side down and you've got some quick and free blocks. These are perfectly lightweight for babies too. If you want to splurge cover them with old piece of wallpaper (ask for free scraps at a home improvement store).

You: You are hands down your baby's favorite toy, activity, and friend all rolled into one.Your time when your little one is young is all this costs you. Dance, sing, take him on a walk.

Tell me your best free baby fun activities.

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