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Yawn In Front Of This Machine And It Will Give You Free Coffee

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I absolutely love coffee in the morning, but just as with all other things, I like it better when it is free and even better when I am particularly exhausted. Now, a vending machine put together by Douwe Egberts has done just that — instead of order via a barista, you simply yawn in front of it and, sensing that you are tired and need a pick-me-up, it delivers you free coffee. Awesome, eh?

The machine, created for the O.R Tambo International Airport, is equipped with facial recognition software that allows it to detect and analyze people’s facial expressions. When you yawn, it determines that you need coffee, because of course you do. If only this type of vending machine were in every public place I go before 10 AM…

Now, if I had the technology to do this kind of thing, I would make everyone either yawn in Ann Coulter‘s face to receive a congratulations on reminding her she’s a boringly awful human being or yawn at a photo of a puppy and then receive a real puppy to briefly pet. These are the dreams I have, people. They may not be big, but they are dreams nonetheless.

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