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For A Buck?

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We are self-supporting. The 7th Tradition.

From pg. 160 in The 12 and 12 – “Everybody knows that active alcoholics scream that they have no troubles money can't cure.”

From page 58 in The Big Book – “We thought we could find an easier, softer way.”

Put those two together and you might find;

Pointed to by Successful Treatment Of Alcoholism Found In The Doctor’s Office (Science Daily) at “Treatment Of Alcoholism” the results of the “largest clinical trial ever conducted on drug and therapy interventions for alcoholism.”

(warning – personal sarcasm ahead)

Treatment Of Alcoholism then points to the article on the trial at Science Daily which, from a short read, is identical (or almost identical) to this article from Brown Univ.

I'm not one who would profess disagreement with anyone looking to help with the fight against these killer diseases, nor will I be one who professes that AA is the only way! AA does NOT (IMHO) have a corner on the market of recovery.

BUT – I read through both of these articles and, perhaps because they're about identical and I learn from repetition, I notice something towards the end. It says;

“To encourage the use of medical management, the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism will include an abbreviated version of the protocol in its Clinician’s Guide, which the institute expects to release in early summer. The COMBINE team, meanwhile, is conducting a cost-benefit analysis on medical management with either naltrexone or CBI and will also study DNA samples from trial participants to try and better understand the role genes may play in predicting responses to drugs or therapy.

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism funded the research.”

Medical Management??? Doesn't medical management = spend money on Doctors? Oh, that's right, I forgot – “no troubles money can't cure.” The easier, softer way.

What do you think you can “get” for a buck?

A meeting…