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Fooducate: The Best Healthy Eating App For Summer Travel

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How have I not yet written about Fooducate? This new-to-me nutrition app is has quickly become a mainstay on my iPhone screen because it’s amazing and useful and oh yeah did I mention it’s amazingly useful?

For a healthy eating nerd like me, there’s nothing cooler than Fooducate. The “grocery advisor” app does it all: Tracks your diet and exercise, scans product labels to help you decide which food products are really worth buying and eating, and helps you make healthy grocery lists. Fooducate also has daily tips and news about healthy eating and living.

By far, my favorite aspect of Fooducate is the scanner. Reading and understanding labels on food can be confusing and overwhelming, but Fooducate makes it so much easier to identify healthy and nutritious food. By giving processed foods easy to understand letter grades (based on nutrients, ingredients, processing and fortification), Fooducate cuts down on the time you spend puzzling over a nutrition label. You just scan in the UPC code, see the grade, read some info, and make your choice. With a database of over 200,000 unique products and growing, I haven’t found any product that’s not yet available on Fooducate

I recently scanned in this edamame that’s available at my local gas station:

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A good choice, right? But I almost bought a granola bar that looked and seemed super healthy….except Fooducate gave it a D+! If you’re someone who is easily swayed by “natural” and “healthy” on food packaging (And ahem, aren’t we all from time to time?) Fooducate can be really eye-opening.

More than anything, I think Fooducate is perfect for traveling; I used it this weekend on a road trip and was able to choose the most nutritious snacks at every truck stop and gas station along the way. If you’re heading out on the road, the rails or to the airport this summer, you should definitely give it a try. Bonus? It’s totally free!

Photo: Fooducate