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Foodies Are As Fake As We Think They Are And This Experiment Proves It

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Foodies Are as Fake as We Think They Are and This Experiment Proves It foodies didnt know they were eating mcdonalds 200x200 jpg“Foodies”, you’re busted. I use quotations because I believe the foodie movement is just another way for people to elevate their level of douchiness to incorporate the basic tenants of survival (nutrients). The ONLY people worse than self-proclaimed “foodies” are the gluten-free monsters who wage a very public war on bread. Like, can I just eat my bagel without you carb-shaming me for it? Thanks.

Finally, though, the discerning palates of foodies are being called out in the most brilliant way possible. At the Netherlands’ annual food festival, a group of Dutch denizens pulled off a masterful scheme designed to reveal so-called connoisseurs of fine dining for who they really are—people who don’t know the difference between grass-fed, farm-to-table organic and McDonald’s. Literally, McDonald’s. 

The Dutch pranksters served up McDonald’s fare with all the trappings of a foodie’s wet dream: fancy ass platters, toothpicks adorned with the national flag, and what I can only assume to be a hilarious sales pitch on chicken nuggets (regrettably, the video is in Dutch and I do not speak Dutch).

And guess what? The foodies ate it up (pun intended). One reviewer said this about the chicken nuggets: “like fish. Reminds me of cod. Rolls around the tongue nicely, if it were wine I’d say it’s fine.” Riiiiight.

It gets better—the prank masterminds had their unsuspecting guinea pigs compare their “organic” food samples to actual McDonald’s. (Note to self: must learn to speak fluent Dutch so I can re-watch this over and over until the end of time.)

What we’re saying is: take a seat, foodies. Preferably next to the woman camping out at KFC eating her feelings.