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Foods That Your Lady Parts Will Thank You For

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Foods That Your Lady Parts Will Thank You For yogurt for your pants jpgVaginas are delicate ecosystems. Such delicate eco systems should be treated with care and respect akin to that given to nature reserves. We have to be our own National Wildlife Service. No one is going to take care of the delicate flora and fauna situations in our pants for us, we have to do it ourselves.

Here are foods you can eat to help your vagina:

Yogurt– Classic vagina food! Here’s a fact about yogurt ads: they are directly beamed to your puss. Yogurt isn’t just good for your guts, but it’s probiotic properties help you maintain balance in your bathing suit area.

Foods High in Phytoestrogens– Like soy and flaxseed, apples and celery and a number of other produce items. A diet rich in these will help keep your vag naturally lubricated.

Vitamin C– Anything with vitamin C is going to promote a healthy immune system and therefore a healthy vagina.

Garlic– In college, I knew a girl who would stuff cloves of garlic into cheese cloth and cram the whole deal in her puss to cure her yeast infections. Full disclosure, I went to a college for punks, hippies and weirdos.  Garlic’s antimicrobial properties make it super for your lady parts whether you eat a few cloves a day or use the cloves as suppositories.

Cranberry Juice (the unsweetened, pure kind)- Another vagina classic, known to aid with UTIs. Cranberry juice helps to acidify your urine which is apparently something you want even though it doesn’t sound like it.

Make sure to watch out for sugar, simple carbs and certain antibiotics. Sugar feeds the candida in your vagina and throws the whole things off balance causing discomfort, yeast infections and whatnot.  And stay hydrated for crying out loud.

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