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18 Surprising Foods You Didn’t Know You Should Be Freezing

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If the only things in your freezer are some ancient ice cubes and a bag of frozen vegetables, it's time to start making full use of that space. Some of us become so focused on filling up our fridges with good-for-us products (that eventually go bad) that we forget how great our freezer can be at saving us space, money and even time.
With the #wellness focus on eating fresh, local produce, the freezer can seem like an enemy, but it's not. Frozen foods aren't limited to pizzas, corn dogs and greasy microwavable breakfast pastries. This food hack means that when you freeze some of the stuff that is in your fridge, you can preserve those nutrients and keep your healthy food from expiring. It's a lot better to freeze something for later than chuck it in the bin because it has gone off. Scroll through the gallery to see what you can pop in your freezer to keep it fresh.