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6 Recipes For Booze & Food Inspired By The Oscar’s Best Picture Nominees

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The Oscars are finally upon us, after months of anticipation and excitement for the film industry and its fans alike. While I do enjoy speculating on the winners and losers (those lucky, lucky losers) prior to the awards, I am much more inclined to just sit back, eat some snacks and enjoy the show. I like to take bets on who's going to cry, who's going to be caught on camera giving dirty looks and whose jokes are going to flop entirely while munching on some great treats. Of course, those snacks need to be properly thought out according to those who are up for awards.

Yesterday, Carrie brought you some delightfully healthful and gorgeous foods beloved by the women who are nominated for Best Actress at the Oscars tonight. If you're an awards show fiend and are looking for more food for the Oscars, take a glance at this guide full of recipes inspired by the Best Picture nominees. There were so many incredible films this year and the ones nominated for the ultimate award are pretty difficult to choose from prediction-wise*, so why not just choose a bunch of them? Well, choose their recipes, at least. Even if most of them will lose the award in the end, all of these foods and drinks are winners, so try 'em all!

*I am totally rooting for Quvenzhané Wallis all the way, though.