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Two Men Started A Food Fight Over The Pizza Bagel Recipe, And Now We’re Just Hungry

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Two Men Started A Food Fight Over The Pizza Bagel Recipe  And Now We re Just Hungry Bagel bites pepperoni 640x428 jpg

It’s normal to fight over pizza bagels, especially if there’s only one left (and it’s still warm from the oven). Yet there’s a food fight going on right now that might just take the cake…or, well, the pizza bagel.

Two men on different coasts each claim they are the sole inventor of the pizza bagel. And neither guy is very happy about the other man’s “foggy memory.”

Third-generation bagel maker Richard Katz of Katz Bagel Bakery in Chelsea, MA, claims his father Harry invented the pizza bagel in the early 1970s. Financial advisor at Deutsche Bank in Los Angeles, Bruce Treitman, disagrees. Treitman says he invented the pizza bagel as a high schooler goofing around with recipes in the back of a Western Bagel location in Woodland Hills, CA. Both men have evidence in their arguments: Katz has pictures of his family bakery’s pizza bagel process dating back to 1973 or 1974, while Treitman has proof that in 1974, Western Bagel locations in California began adopting and serving his delicious experiment. Since both the baker and the businessman are both adamant about their credibility, this situation could get much, much stickier.

Eater apparently reached out to Katz (the baker), about Treitman’s claims. Katz responded, “That’s a lot of shit.”

Dayum. The “founding father,” if you will, doesn’t mess around.

I guess the fight will go on, and for most of us, it doesn’t really matter who created the pizza bagel as long as we can continue to eat them. The only thing I really regret is that if I were to give the pizza bagel founder a high five — because shouldn’t everyone? I wouldn’t know who to deliver the palm snaps to.

I’ll guess I’ll just sit here quietly and eat my BagelBites instead.

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