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10 Food Documentaries You Can Stream On Netflix Right Now

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10 Food Documentaries You Can Stream On Netflix Right Now food documentary netflix jpg

via Jiro Dreams of Sushi

If you’ve ever watched one compelling documentary about food, you know how they can suck you in and make you hungry for more. There’s really nothing more riveting than a film all about food. Thanks to Netflix, you can binge watch food documentary after food documentary for days and days. Grab some air popped pop corn and get comfy, we have a lot of movies to watch.

Here are 10 food documentaries you can stream on Netflix right now:

  1. Jiro dreams of Sushi (2011)  When I first saw this gorgeously shot film about a truly fascinating subject, I finally understood what people meant by “food porn.” If you’re a sushi lover, you’re going to drool your way through this profile of world renowned sushi chef Jiro Ono, the 85-year-old legend whose Tokyo restaurant seats 10 people at a time for $300 a plate and is a destination for foodies around the world.
  2. Food Matters (2008)  This documentary is nothing like Jiro Dreams of Sushi. This film gives viewers a wakeup call by showing us how the food we eat affects are health and tells how we we can change the way we live and change the way we eat.
  3. Vegucated (2010)  Who doesn’t love a challenge? This award winning documentary follows three animal meat and animal product loving New Yorkers on a six week challenge to keep vegan diets and reap the health benefits.
  4. Inside: Chipotle (2013)  Inside: Chipotle is an interesting watch whether or not you’re a fan of the fast food chain. Here’s Netflix’s description: “Chipotle is a company that broke all the fast food rules, turning a small eatery into an $11 billion, 1,400-store chain. Bloomberg television takes you behind the counter to see how this increasingly popular company keep customers lining up.”
  5. Forks Over Knives (2011)  Forks Over Knives made a huge impact on a lot of people’s views on food. It’s pretty extreme, but the documentary makes a very convincing argument in favor of a “whole foods plant-based” diet. The film explains how the consumption of processed foods has led to disease, obesity and diabetes.
  6. Food, Inc (2008)  This Oscar-nominated documentary from director Robert Kenner takes a hard hitting look at the food industry and the harm it has imposed on the environment and human health. It’s not pleasant, but it’s informative and definitely worth watching.
  7. Farmageddon (2011)  This documentary is heartbreaking, informative and provocative. It tells the story of farms and co-ops that were offering safe, healthy, healing foods to their communities but were raided by the authorities and forced to stop.
  8. Hungry For Change (2012)  You’ll never look at the deceptive and creepy diet, weight loss and food industries the same way after seeing this documentary.
  9. Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead (2010)  Regardless of how healthy you are, this movie will inspire you to take action to be healthier. It chronicles the lives of men dedicating themselves to healing after years of pills, sickness and steroids
  10. Frankensteer (2006)  This is not a cute little movie about a cow who is a mad scientist, rather it’s about how the beef industry saves money by jeopardizing the health of humans and cows by “feedlot-raising” their beef.