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Food Court Horrors: Eating In Malls Is A Serious Health Risk

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photo: Flickr user mckaysavage

This holiday season, we imagine that you’ll be heading to at least one mall. And while you’re there, you might want to get a bite to eat — Szechuan Garden is calling your name. But if you’re smart, you’ll resist those hunger pangs (and those egg rolls) until you can make it to a real restaurant. A TODAY investigation revealed that plenty of popular malls have food court that have problems with roaches, mice, and bacteria. In fact, at the Mall of America, 68% of food stands  had “critical violations” that could make patrons nauseous — literally.

Bacteria forms because hot food isn’t kept at high enough temperatures, and cold food isn’t kept at temperatures that are low enough. You’d think that most of the contamination in food courts comes from the roaches and mice that crawl across surfaces at night, but actually, the worst of the germs come from workers themselves. Workers handle food without gloves, and wipe counters with dirty rags.

Not that we loved dining at malls anyway, but these disgusting new findings make use wary of even grabbing a coffee there. Will you avoid the food court like a plague this holiday season?