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16 Sweet-and-Salty Food Combinations That Are Weirdly Delicious

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Whether you are alone or with friends, chances are you have eaten some pretty weird things at some point in your life. Everyone has their fair share of favorite foods or food combinations that they may consider delicious, while others may find them strange, odd, or even just plain gross. Some have strong feelings about pairing pasta with ketchup, even though it's basically sugary tomato sauce.
No matter what strange food combo you love, don't worry, you're not alone. Each and every one of us have our guilty food-pleasures too and we won't judge you for whatever it is that you love to eat. These combinations could be healthy, unhealthy, sweet, salty or a combination of both.

From pickles and peanut butter sandwiches to chocolate-covered cheese pizza, we put together a list of bizzare food combinations that sound gross but taste amazing…if you dare to try 'em!