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Focus On Your Jewelry Making & Beading

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Even though I’m still waiting for my bead and wire book to come out this July, I’ve begun work on a new jewelry book for Rockport. Other than the fact that I’m psyched to be writing another book for them, I’m also thrilled that this one focuses on making seed bead jewelry. I learned how to bead weave a number of years ago. I learned from books, the Internet, a few classes, but most of all, I learned from some wonderful friends of mine who made up a small bead society. We’d meet once a month to learn a new stitch or share a new project. I’d say I met with them regularly for at least two years, and I’ve always wanted to write a seed bead book and include work from my bead buddies in it.

What can be cooler than to get to work on a long dreamed of project and promote your talented friends at the same time?

So many times it seems like jewelry makers and beaders are in some sort of competition, and I hear so many people say things like “there’s too many people doing this!….how do I compete with them all?” I remember thinking like that at one time, and it was so draining to worry about someone learning where I got a certain bead or component. I think I spent way too much time worrying about what other people were doing and not enough time on my own craft career path. It took some time to change my attitude, but when I did, things got so much better for me.
My point? Learn to focus on what you are doing and not others.