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Flojuggler: A Website For All The Creepy Men In Your Life

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Flojuggler  A Website for All the Creepy Men In Your Life flo jpgOf all the stupid websites floating around in cyberspace, this one just might be the stupidest. It’s called Flojuggler, and this is its motto: “Some people just want to know when the bleeding is going to stop so they can get busy.” That’s literally what it says. Flojuggler is an online tool that allows you to track the menstrual cycles of all of the women you know. Because that isn’t insanely creepy or offensive anything. (Also, women can have sex during their periods, you morons. Men are just too cowardly to try it.)

The site assumes that you can’t speak to the woman whose period you’re creepily obsessing over. Planning a romantic getaway and want to know if she’ll be able to get freaky? Use Flojuggler! (Don’t actually ask your girlfriend about her period. That would just be weird.) Except that you’ll have to ask her at some point, so you can track her cycle like a stalker. Wondering when your mom will get all bitchy again? Use Flojuggler! If I ever have a son who wants to keep track of when I’m on the rag, I’m shipping him off to boarding school.

Flojuggler has about 5,000 fans on Facebook, so we’re assuming that more people use it than just the dorks in the inventor’s frat. What sane guy would think tracking a period online is normal and acceptable? Would any of your guy friends do this?

via The Frisky