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We’re Now More Likely To Flirt Online Than In Person, Further Proving That Tinder Is Ruining Romance

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We re Now More Likely To Flirt Online Than In Person  Further Proving That Tinder Is Ruining Romance Stock Image Girl Flirting Online 640x453 jpg

The last time you liked somebody, how did you reach out to them? A nice, old-fashioned phone call? Oh, hell no.

Oh. Okay. Well, was it a emoji-filled text message? A niiiiiice fruit basket ? (10 extra points if you get the “Gilmore Girls” reference.)

If you’re shaking your head, “no,” you aren’t alone: in further proof that Tinder is ruining romance everywhere, people are now more likely to flirt on Facebook than in person.

According to a poll that surveyed roughly 2,000 adults (commissioned by broadbandchoices), 38 percent of us find actually talking face-to-face (like, using real words) is a feat way too embarrassing and/or intimidating to conquer. Almost one in five of those surveyed said they most use private Facebook messages to communicate while dating, and others believe a phone call or text message is “way more forward” than talking in person.

About a quarter of respondents said they opt for using Snapchat when trying to impress someone they like. Could Snapchat be the true way to your crushes’ heart?

I hope not. Most Snapchat photos I get are annoying and/or selfies (which are doubly annoying).

Grace-savingly, 50 percent of people are still confident enough to ask someone for a date face-to-face, but that still means that the other half is too chicken and must resort to the Internet, which is a definite problem—don’t you think?

I get it: apps like Facebook and Snapchat are way easier to initiate a conversation that can be super casual. However, there’s a few things to consider, like the fact that you can always see when the receiver has “read” the message. These types of ‘read’ receipts  make it harder than ever to ignore someone. So if your crush responds to your Facebook message, it might not be because they like you. Instead, it could be because they’re afraid of offending you. Snapchats also mask intimacy because the receiver has no idea if you sent that message solely to them, or to your entire ‘friends’ list.

As a woman, I do think phone calls can be a little forward, but I’m not opposed to them. I think they’re a nice, let’s say, breath of fresh air, in a smartphone world dominated with texts, Tinder and Facebook messages.

However, it doesn’t look like I’ll be hearing my phone ring anytime soon. This trend isn’t going away, according to  Dominic Baliszewski, a telecoms expert at broadbandchoices:

“Digital dating and social media have only been around for a relatively short time but it is fascinating to see how they have altered the way we interact with one another, particularly for people seeking new relationships. All that online interaction can eat through your mobile data, so make sure you have a plan with enough of a download allowance to avoid any untimely interruptions to your service.”

I guess I’d better call Verizon to up my data plan, stat.

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