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Flavored Condom Fail: Daily Health Quiz

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It’s summer, but school is still cool. And our Daily Health Quiz will test your know-how. Answer our question, below, and check back tomorrow for the answer and your next pop quiz.

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photo by Flickr user pawelbak

Today’s Question: Condoms are great. We couldn’t live without them. Obviously, we know they help protect against pregnancy, HIV, and STDs. And they even come in delish flavors (though we’re personally not fans). While flavored condoms could be fun during oral sex, can they also lead to bacterial infections in the vagina during intercourse? True or just a myth?

Answer to Yesterday’s Question: We’re definitely glad that douching has gone out of style — it seems akin to getting water up your nose, but worse. We asked if you knew why women are warned against douching. According to Our Bodies, Ourselves, douching or using vaginal deodorants, even once in a while, can change the acid and alkaline balance in the vagina and lead to infections. You could also be allergic to a scent in a vaginal deodorant or wipe. Just trust your body’s natural cleansing process, unless your doctor tells you otherwise.