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Five Years Ago I Thought I Was All Done With Vaginas. I Had Been Working Full-time As An OB/GYN, Was Expected To See 40 Patients A Day, And Was Really Miserable. So I Ended Up Leaving My Job — A Huge Leap Of Faith Because My Husband Was A Stay-at-home Dad And We Didn’t Have Any Savings. I Thought I Was Going To Be A Full-time Artist And Writer, But Realized Nine Months Later That You Can Quit Your Job, But You Can’t Quit Your Calling. I Realized That I Was Supposed To Be In Service To Women In Some Way.

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– Gynecologist and author Lissa Rankin on heeding the call to help women in a different way than how she was trained as a medical professional, from our post: We Probe Dr. Lissa Rankin, Author of What’s Up Down There? on Vaginas, Sex, and Aging