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10 Fitspo Quotes That Do More Harm Than Good

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rocky fitspoFitspo, thinspo's jock sister, has really done an A+ job becoming a thing on the internet, but I have a hard time believing it actually inspires anyone.

There's nothing inherently wrong with inspiring people to be strong and active, that's why we have coaches and trainers. The kind of Fitspo we're seeing on line is not a healthy way  to find motivation. It's ok to want to be fit, it's ok to want to change your life, it's not okay to insult people that don't want to do that, it's not okay to insult your current body, and it's weird to try to scare people into working out. How can exercise become something you love to do and want to keep doing if you're performing it out of a shallow fear?

In the past we've discussed how difficult it is to differentiate earnest fitspo quotes from parodies. The real quotes meant to inspire people are often hilariously insulting and harmful. Not that all internet fitspo is a joke, there are some quotations about effort and believing in yourself and not procrastinating that I'm sure are helpful, but those gems are difficult to notice through all the bullshit. The lion's share of Fitspo posts on Pinterest and Tumblr are disturbing quotes poorly photoshopped over glistening pictures of abs and butts. They're jokes and disturbing counterproductive insults most of the time.

See for yourself. Click through for 10 Fitspo quotes that are unsettlingly counterproductive…

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