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This Is The Weirdest Fitness Tracker We’ve Seen Yet, And It Fits Inside Your Vagina

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KGoal, The FItness Tracker for Your Vagina

Today is Independence Day, and what better way to celebrate your freedom than by exercising your right to strengthen your vagina?!

Okay, you can probably think of better ways, but you don't need to because the kGoal is the first fitness tracker for your vagina that helps motivate, guide and track your Kegel exercise progress.

As the first interactive system for Kegel—or pelvic floor—exercises, the kGoal communicates with an app to do all of the above. The device is a squishy, squeezable pillow you can insert into your, ahem, hoo-ha. With a vent to let air in or out, depending on your…uh…dimensions, it fits vaginas of all shapes and sizes.

Once securely up there, the pillow measures your pelvic floor muscle movement, and even has a motor to provide instantaneous, vibrational feedback. By communicating with the app, you can track your history, find suggested workouts and see how you are progressing.

So would YOU use it? Before you answer, read this:

Apparently, 30 percent of women are doing Kegel exercises all wrong. While not a super alarming statistic, it brings me to another question that I think Mindy Kaling would appreciate:

 “Is everyone doing kegel exercises without me?”

Sure, Kegel exercises can help women have better sex and more intense orgasms (and are even reported to help with pregnancy recovery, bladder control and even back pain). But are they really necessary? I for one, don't practice them…and I'm not sure any of my friends do.

Maybe I'm missing out on something vital to the female population. However, for all the women who do work out their lady parts, the kGoal promises to make “fitness” fun.

The kGoal is currently on Kickstarter and needs to reach their $90,000 goal to move forward. So if you'd like to get your hands–and vagina!–on it, be sure to back the project.

(Image via Kickstarter)