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10 Strange Fitness Subcultures That Should Have Reality Shows

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fitness reality tvI've had it up to here with reality shows based on weight loss. I'd like to get a glimpse into a different side of fitness. With such a vast number of ways to work out, certain fitness subcultures would make for quality new television programming.

Here are 10 kinds of workouts I'd like to see on my TV screen:

  1. Cross Fit. Show me someone who isn't curious about CrossFit and they'll be someoen who hasn't even heard of it. A reality program about this fitness subculture could show someone new to Cross Fit get acclimated to the extreme exercise regimen. Everyone likes a journey!
  2. Body Building. Interviews and inside peeks into the world of competitive body building would be inspirational, fascinating and strangely body positive. Body builders devote their lives to attaining a physique that is outside of the typical body ideal. Personally, I'd love to witness vulnerability in such mentally and physically strong people. This would appeal to folks beyond Pumping Iron fans.
  3. Cold Water Swimmers. Swimming in wintery cold waters is not for the faint of heart. The television audience would cringe and get the chills watching brave people take ice cold dips.
  4. Themed Runners. In my mind, this show would follow a group of people who participate in color runs and mud runs. We'd see people train and eventually participate in quirky races.
  5. Aerial Arts. Aesthetically speaking, it would be amazing to watch people engage in high flying feats on television. There would have to be at least one major fall that would tear viewers' hearts up.
  6. Naked Yoga. It will have to be on HBO or heavily blurred, but a reality mini series based on a weekend naked yoga retreat would be television gold.
  7. SoulCycle.A reality show that mimics a single-cam workplace drama about this cult of a fitness studio. It would have it all: strange lighting, strange characters, pop music…I think it would be an instant hit.
  8. Tracy Anderson Method. I'm sure the famous celebrity trainer and I both would like for her to have a reality television program. I want to see her work with Gwyneth and just go about her day being a weirdo as well as getting insight into how her studios run.
  9. Prancercising. Maybe it isn't really a subculture yet, but that Prancercise lady deserves more fame and recognition for being awesome and unapologetically herself.
  10. Strip Fitness. Pole dancing is not as easy as it looks. A reality show about using stripping to get fit would be both titillating and informative.

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