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Fitness Parties: Better Than Traditional, Booze-Filled Bachelorette Or Birthday Celebrations?

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I have attended a great many birthday parties in my day, as well as a few bachelorette and reunion-type parties, all of which have involved lots of hugging, cocktails and snacks. Apparently, that tried-and-true celebration model may be changing soon, as more women opt instead for something known as a fitness party.

A report on Reuters suggests that many people, primarily women in their 20s and 30s, have begun voiding the typical desserts and booze in order to adopt the fitness party as a means of celebrating their favorite occasions. Pole dancing classes have seemed to be the one that women particularly love for group get togethers. Donna Cyrus, senior vice president of programming at Crunch, says:

“We've created bachelorette parties, birthday parties, college reunions and divorce parties.

“The class is a reason for friends to get together and shed inhibitions for an hour, as well as a great marketing tool and clever use of idle space for the gym.”

Sounds fun, right? It's definitely not your everyday way of celebrating, and if you and your friends really enjoy working out in groups or have always wanted to try a certain type of class, it's a great way of doing something unconventionally educational.

While much of the report mentioned women, there are also men hopping on the trend — a fellow named Jason Capili celebrated his 36th birthday at a Soul Cycle in New York City.

“I had people block out a bunch of bikes,” Capili said. “We brought in cupcakes and sparkling wine and at the end, during the stretches, I made a wish.” He also says he's been to others' fitness parties because it offers a “supportive environment” and “cooperative energy.”

Plus, you can also look at a fitness party as some form of unique pre-gaming, says another Crunch fitness instructor, Courtney Alexander, who teaches group pole dancing classes. “Usually right after the class they'll change in the locker room, get dressed up and go out for drinks. This is the party before the party gets started.”

Though I would likely never have one myself for a birthday or other celebration, I guess what I'm saying is that I think the idea of a fitness party is great, provided it's because you think it will be enjoyable. If a person or group is just doing it out of societal pressure to be thin for a wedding or some other day, then that makes me rather sad — after all, a birthday or bachelorette or reunion party should be about happiness and excitement over good memories and experiences. Of course, if this is you and your friends' way of celebrating together, then by all means, go for it!

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