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Fitness Friday: Beyoncé Inspired Bootylicious Workouts

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Beyonce performs on stage during a concert Welcome to Fitness Friday– Every week, I sit on my butt and tirelessly search for the best YouTube workouts for people who want to exercise without leaving their houses or spending any money. Enjoy my finely curated lists, my poor and lazy kindred spirits!

If you're on the internet right now, and I know you are, you're probably as excited as everyone else about Beyoncé's surprise album. She's one bad bitch, sneaking up on us like that. Let's celebrate the album, entitled Beyonce, by shaking our rumps for exercise.  Bootylicious is a body-positivity anthem, after all.

Here are the killer Beyonce-inspired workouts:

The Beyonce Butt Workout via XHIT Daily– In a VH1 special on Beyonce's bod, she referred to the glute part of her workout as “booty time,” this routine here is straight booty time. Target dat ass like Bey.

Empower Your Body: Beyonce Knowles Arm and Leg Workout via EmpowerYourBody– You'll need dumbells (or an alternative if you, like me, don't have weights). This video isn't as frilly or whimsical as most, but it's kickass enough to not need bells and whistles. I wish this woman was my gym coach in High School. She explains everything very well, so you won't feel like you're doing all the exercises wrong.

“Let's Move” Flash Workout Instructional Video– Dancing like a dork is easily the most fun way to exercise in your living room. Learning to do this awesome dance from the Let's Move video will exhaust you, but after you'll know some sweet choreography for the club.

Beyonce Bootylicious Bum Butt Badonkadonk Bonanza via Blogilates– Only Pop Pilates' Cassey would have a workout with a name that rad. This video is about 18 minutes long. Your ass will hate you and then thank you.

I'll just leave this here for added inspiration:

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