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Fitness Friday: You Don’t Need To Join SoulCycle For The Ride Of Your Life

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For all the SoulCycle fans out there, I just want to put this out there: I don’t get it. Sure, you have skull screened t-shirts and a pseudo-cult following. But why should I limit myself to one type of indoor cycling when there are tons of others out there just waiting to take me for a spin?! (Pun intended.)

That’s why I love the new ride series available at Crunch Gyms. Instead of focusing on one, brain-numbing indoor cycling class, Crunch has a variety of new workouts with varying focuses, so you can do a bunch of different workouts on the same stationary bike. I was invited to try a sample class that combined three of their ten new Ride classes: the Threshold Ride (from their Road category), Joy Ride (Rhythm) and Ripped Ride (Remixed).

The last time I took a cycling class at Crunch, it was not good. I brought my friend (also named Erin—we like to confused people) with me, and together we tried, I think it was called, The Rave Ride. It was a Friday night, and we thought it was a good way to kick off the weekend. Now, mind you, Erin #2 (not me) is a personal trainer — and I’m pretty comfortable on an indoor bike — yet neither of us could manage any of the dance moves our instructor and classmates moved through super easily throughout the class. We spent the first half of class trying to keep up, and the second half of class laughing at ourselves for being so uncoordinated.

Womp, womp.

Luckily, this time was better. The Threshold Ride, a ride that uses cutting-edge technology to measure your personal power as you pedal, was probably my favorite. At the beginning of class, our pedaling power was measured and displayed on a screen at the front of the room, and our ‘threshold’ was determined. Then throughout the duration of the session, we’d have to match our personal power threshold while riding straightaways and steep hills. Designed to really push the limits and deliver maximum results, we were able to see via the main screen when we were reaching our potential, exceeding it, or falling flat. This is definitely a class for those who are looking to challenge themselves—and have fun while doing it.

The other two samples we got to try out were Joy Ride (a non-stop, high intensity workout) and Ripped Ride. Joy Ride reminded me a bit of The Rave Ride, but with easier on-bike dance movements I could actually follow along with. The Ripped Ride incorporated weights into the mix, so if you want your arms to look as nice as your butt after a long hard cycle, this is the class for you.

So if you’re looking for a kick ass workout that won’t drag you down, try out your local Crunch Gyms. And if you want to get kinky (?), Crunch locations in New York, Miami, San Francisco and L.A. will be offering a “50 Shades of Fitness: Whipped” class on February 12th. The class will be taught by a dominatrix and designed to whip you into shape.

It sounds scary, but if you don’t have plans, why not embody your inner Ana Steele?