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Fitness Friday: 5 Wacky Vintage Workout Videos

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1990s aerobics

This makes Soul Cycle look so boring.

It’s FITNESS FRIDAY everybody! Every week, I sit on my butt and tirelessly search for the best YouTube workouts for people who want to exercise without leaving their houses or spending any money. Enjoy my finely curated lists, my poor and lazy kindred spirits!

Fitness Friday is a teeny bit different this week– got caught in a retro-fitness wormhole. Once we started we couldn't stop! Luckily, the internet is ripe with weird stuff from the past. Lifestyle advice from vintage magazines and old videos provide such great inside into bygone eras, sometimes there are even good tips and techniques that have gone out of style. Some of these workouts are totally doable in your own home, others not so practical. They are all worth checking out for likeminded retro-enthusiasts.

Here are 5 fun vintage workouts you can do online:

How To Become Slim– One of the oldest workout videos I've ever seen, this 1931 routine intended to help women “reduce” enough to fit into the stylish longline dresses of the era. The moves are fun and you'll feel like wearing a romper and little heels to workout.

Vintage Glamour Girl Workout 1940s– This video opens with bust exercises. A lot of the moves in this throw back remind me of Pilates. The narrator is an insulting old timey misogynist, but look at those outfits!

The Debbie Drake Show- Debbie Drake was a 1960s television lifestyle guru. On her show, she encouraged women to try working on their fitness with her. I bet she would have had a blog if she were doing this kind of thing today. The workout is a little silly, but her collared leotard is outstanding.

Charlene Prickett 80s Fitness– 10 minutes of pure 1980s aerobics realness complete with leg warmers. Oh and it kicks your ass.

The 90s Workout– Another aerobics workout, this time serving up the 1990s. This video is so goofy–you get to do the running man. One commenter on youtube called it a “white goth hip hop workout on a chessboard…hilarious” and they are 100% accurate.