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Fitness for Lazy People: 10 Workouts You Can Do In Bed

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We like lazy Sundays just as much as 60s British rock outfit the Small Faces, but when we do finally roll out of bed at 11 a.m., we're afflicted by a twinge of guilt over not having gone to the gym. That's why we like the idea of workouts you can do in bed. Now, we're not claiming that they'll get you into stellar shape (in fact, they probably won't), but if you're not quite ready to leave the cozy confines of your cat and/or comforter, these videos, books, and workout instructions will help lessen your grief over missing that 7 a.m. Spinning class:

Check out these dreamy workouts before you head to brunch:

1. Trim Thighs: Quickie Workout In Bed With Laurel House

2. Yoga Moves That'll Help You Sleep and Wake Up

3. Get Fit In Bed

4. … Get Fit In Bed sample pages

5. Edward Vilga's Yoga In Bed DVD

6. Bedercise With Lisa Snowdon

7. Jon Giswold's Abs In Bed

8. Naomi Sophia Call's Yoga In Bed DVD

9. Bikini Body Quickie Workout In Bed With Laurel House

10. You guessed it…