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Fitness-Focused Vacations: Where To Relax & Work Up A Sweat

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Summer is right around the corner so if you haven’t already booked a vacation, time to get started! A few weeks ago I wrote about How to Stay Healthy on Vacation; how to maintain your pre-vacation fitness. There is another option; go on a fitness-focused trip. If you’re looking to not only maintain your pre-vacay health but also want to improve it, here are a few places that will help you do just that:

The BodyHoliday, St. LuciaIf you’re looking for something on the tropical side, head to St. Lucia for the all-inclusive health and wellness resort. You can create your own fitness itinerary or choose from pre-set programs. If you don’t want to go full fitness, take advatnage of unique daily fitness activities like “Spoga” (Spin+Yoga) taught in a tree house spin studio and other fun classes.

Total Tennis: This all-inclusive tennis camp, about 100 miles north of NYC is for players of all levels. Each day includes meals, private lessons, free play and tournaments, cocktails and evening activities. The camp is open year-round and the length of your stay is up to you (as little as 1 night or as many as 3 nights). Go as a group of friends, improve your game and relive your childhood camp memories. Prices are pretty reasonable and vary depending on the time of year (Friday-Sunday Option: $535).

GET FIT – Gansevoort Turks + Caicos: While in a beautiful location, go on this 4-night trip, complete with core fusion classes (taught in a beachfront open yoga studio), massages and healthy meals. Really get to take in the scenery while enjoying a healthy lifestyle. It’s so gorgeous you won’t even realize it’s a fitness-focused getaway.  Rates start at $500/nightly based on double occupancy and 4 night minimum stay.

The Bon Ton Roulet: A “luxury” bike tour of sorts (well, as luxury as it gets when tents are involved), this seven-day bicycle tour through the Finger Lakes Region of New York State rides through farms, lake overlooks and wineries. Each day the ride is fully supported with breakfast, dinner and rest stops so all you have to do is bike, no planning is involved on your part. This trip is for the more experienced cyclist, with optoins to ride 45-50 miles per day or 65-75 miles per day. If you opt for the lower mileage you’ll get more time to explore markets and attractions along the route. At night you’ll camp out in provided wide-open scenic spots (July 21-27, $575).

Escape to Shape: The ultimate in luxury, culture and fitness, these trips take you to exotic locations like Morocco, Cambodia and Indonesia just to name a few. This all-inclusive travel includes luxurious accomdiations, full-body workouts (pilates, yoga, biking, kayaking, etc), organic local cuisine, excursions, classes and spa treatments. It doesn’t come cheap though, the price varries by trip but expect to pay somewhere around $3,000+ (not including your flight). If you’ve got the money and are looking for an intimate exotic trip, check iout their upcomming offerings.

Too much fitness for you? These hotels offer complimentary bike use during your stay so you can sneak in a little fitness into your explorations:

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