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The Worst Fitness Advice Jillian Michaels Has Ever Given

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The Worst Fitness Advice Jillian Michaels Has Ever Given jillian michaels 640x425 jpgIt’s the Machiavelli of fitness’ birthday today. Happy birthday, Jillian Michaels!

Jillian Michaels is now famous for her fitness empire, but her meteoric rise to fame began when she became the Simon Cowell of weight loss reality television programs on The Biggest Loser. When it comes to being a trainer, she can be one nasty hard ass! Though much of her advice comes from a knowledgable place and a devotion to helping people meet their goals, her brand of tough love can be a little too intense. She’s the perfect of example of someone who can be brutally honest, or just plain brutal.

Here are the worst pieces of fitness advice from Jillian Michaels:

“Do you realize that there is nothing in our genes that tells us when to die? There are genetic codes that tell us how to grow, how to breathe, and how to sleep, but NOTHING that tells us to die. So why do we? Because we literally rust and decay our bodies from the inside out with poor food and lifestyle choices.” -Jillian Michaels, Master Your Metabolism: The 3 Diet Secrets to Naturally Balancing Your Hormones for a Hot and Healthy Body!

Listen, I’m not a philosopher, doctor, physicist or rabbi, but I’m positive that death isn’t the result of “poor food and lifestyle choices.” Even Jack LaLanne died eventually.

“Unless You Puke, Faint or Die, Keep Going!” -Jillian Michaels, Making the Cut: The 30-Day Diet and Fitness Plan for the Strongest, Sexiest You

Listen to your body. Push yourself and push yourself hard, but vomiting, passing out and dying are not the only reasons to take a break.

“I just look at a bagel and my ass gets bigger!” -Jillian Michaels

Eating right and sticking to a diet is pretty critical when it comes to losing weight and maintaining weight loss, but treating certain foods like are evil won’t help anyone’s relationship to nutrition. Carbohydrates are not gorgons.

“Get comfortable with being uncomfortable!” -Jillian Michaels

Never do anything that makes you uncomfortable. I get where she’s coming from, but this advice is bad. Getting out of your comfort zone can be a good thing, but that doesn’t mean accepting and embracing physical pain.

“Before I became a successful TV trainer, life coach and author, I was just another overweight kid withlow self-esteem. So believe me, I know what being overweight is all about. But I took the necessary stepsto change my life… and so can you.”- Jillian Michaels advertising her “Quickstart Rapid Weight Loss System”

Just because one person can achieve something, doesn’t mean everyone can. Michaels’ experience can be inspiring, but cannot be replicated by everyone. It’s her job to be fit! She has made her career and life about fitness, normal people can’t do that.

“A bad day for your ego is a great day for your soul.” –Jillian Michaels, Master Your Metabolism: The 3 Diet Secrets To Naturally Balancing Your Hormones for a Hot and Healthy Body!

Please don’t beat me down so you can build me back up. Enough bad days for the ego can be terminally discouraging.

“You can be predisposed genetically [to obesity], but it’s not a sentence. I’m genetically predisposed, but I manage my weight. The root of obesity, though, is usually emotional. The poor habits are a symptom of a deeper emotional issue.” -Jillian Michaels in Time Magazine

She totally ignores factors that contribute to obesity like disability and illness, among others. Not every obese person is obese just because they’re eating emotionally and have bad habits. Anyway, we shouldn’t shame or guilt people even if their weight is ultimately in their control.

When I read interviews with Jillian Michaels, I actually really like her. She’s smart, self deprecating, stresses attainable goals, values health over physical appearance, urges people to avoid gimmicky starvation diets–she can actually be pretty damn encouraging; however, she can be a too harsh with her “no excuses” attitude. It’s her job to motivate people, and though intense Draconian discipline might not be the best way to coax me into working out and dieting, it works for some people. Her fan base is as massive as her fitness empire and one day I’m going to commit to her 30-day shred and get back to you on how it makes me feel.