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Gawk at Fitness Photos From The Comfort Of Your Desk With FitFramed

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Have you heard about FitFramed? This brand new fitness website is designed to make it easy to find out about new fitness content: Everything from marathon recaps to stretching suggestions and new workout routines. To learn more about this online fitness destination, I spoke with founder (and registered dietitian) Regan Jones.

Can you tell us a little about FitFramed, what it is and how it works?

Fit Framed is a photo gallery made up of images that health & fitness bloggers submit to the site. If you've ever visited FoodGawker or Tastespotting, you're likely already familiar with how the gallery style format looks. Whereas those galleries are all about the food, Fit Framed is dedicated solely to fitness. Bloggers who have fitness related content they'd like to share simply submit their image & link (plus a little additional helpful info for categories & tags) to the site and our editorial team reviews them for inclusion into the gallery. For the most part, we're looking for good, quality images (nothing out of focus, blurry or obscene, obviously) that links to information fitness enthusiasts would find interesting. Whether that's your latest CrossFit WOD or a recap of your first half-marathon, or just a review of your new favorite sports bra… if it's fitness-related, we'd love to be able to share it with our growing audience.

What was the impetus to start FitFramed?

As the co-founder & owner of Healthy Aperture, I've always been dedicated to providing healthy food bloggers a platform to share their work & grow their audience. I noticed, though, that many of our bloggers on Healthy Aperture who are also dedicated to fitness (and many of the fitness blogs I personally read) didn't have the same sort of visual platform to share their fitness content. FitFramed was founded to give them a visual photo sharing site to promote & share their content.

How do you see FitFramed fitting into the online fitness world? Between Pinterest, food bloggers and YouTube workout videos, there's certainly a lot out there. What can FitFramed do that other sites or platforms can't?

FitFramed isn't meant to “compete” with any of the other social platforms. Its intent is to provide fitness bloggers a visual platform to share their work and explore the work of their colleagues. Pinterest is unquestionably one of the best and most powerful visual social an bookmarking sites, but it's also extremely diverse in its content. Fit Framed provides users an interface that they can easily scan through for content that's of interest to them that's solely devoted to fitness.

Is there anything else you'd like Blisstree readers to know about FitFramed?

Joining the Fit Framed community of users is easy. First, visit our Register page to sign up for your username. Then, Submit your images with a link to your fitness posts. If approved by our editors, your image will be added to our gallery, likely within 24 hours. Not interested in joining, bookmark Fit Framed and check back daily for newly added links to the best fitness contest from across the web.

Photo: FitFramed