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5 Apps To Wellness: How My IPhone Keeps Me Fit

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Like many of you, I’m attached to my cell phone 24/7. I try not to be too dependent on it and love to “disconnect” from technology every now and again, but my iPhone actually does some pretty amazing things to help me stay fit and healthy. Here are the five apps that I use on a regular basis to keep me in tip-top shape:

1. Sleep Cycle ($0.99): When my schedule gets busy it’s always best for me to get my workout in early. You never know what will pop up after work so to ensure that you’ll get a workout in, do it first thing in the morning (6am wakeup call!).  It’s tough getting up pre-dawn, but a good night’s rest helps. Here’s how the app works: put your phone near your head while you’re sleeping and it will track your movement through the night. It knows when you are in a deep sleep versus a light sleep and based on your set wake-up time range, it will wake you up during the lighter part of your cycle. Chose your wake-up alert from a long list of soothing sounds and it gently wakes you up (complete with a snooze feature). I’m not sure how accurate it really is, but when I use the app I wake up feeling more refreshed than a harsh alarm clock scaring me awake.

2. Gym Pact: Get paid to workout! Yes, it’s true, go about your workout as you normally would and get paid to do it.  Each week you pledge a certain number of times you will go to the gym and a dollar amount (connected to your PayPal account). For example, I’ll pledge $5 that I’ll go to the gym 5 times this week. I check in at the gym each time from the app (or run and track it via RunKeeper) and if I hit my pact of 5 workouts I owe no money to the app. If I miss a workout I’ll owe $5 for each missed workout and that money will go into the pot which then gets divided up among all the users who successfully completed their pact. Each week you make minimal money (depending on how many days your pact is, you can earn more money. With a 6 workout a week pact I make about $1-2 per week). Make a pact each week and the money will add up. After 231 workouts with the app I’m at $90. Takes a while to accumulate, but it’s free money! Sign up with the code GymPact$5 and get $5 when you complete your first pact!

3. Nike+ Running: When heading outside for a run, I can’t do it without this app. It tracks your mileage and pace and gives you cues along the way to let you know how you’re doing. You also have the choice to connect with Facebook so people can “cheer” you on. It’s a great way to know how far you’ve gone and also keeps your stats over time so you can see your progress. You can also log how your run felt afterwards. I love everything about this app, so far I’ve logged 430 miles with it!

4. Songza: In addition to my Nike+ app, I can’t go on a run without great tunes to keep me going. Songza customizes your playlist based on the time of day and your activity. I can say it’s morning, I’m working out, and I like pop music and station options will pop up. My favorite is Massive Pop Hits: The Remixes.

5. Om Finder: If I’m not in a running mood and it’s yoga I’m after, Lululemon’s Om Finder can help me track down the ideal class. Using your location, the app will tell you what classes are coming up at different studios nearby. This is great if you are in a city like New York that has hundreds of yoga studios a short walk away.

Those are my regular stay-fit apps. Am I missing anything awesome? What apps do you use to stay on top of your game?

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