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Fish Oil Benefits Now Include An Immune System Boost

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Here at Blisstree, we have a pretty lengthy history of admiring fish oil. It offers plenty of great benefits, from encouraging good bone health to protecting us from pollution. Overall, it's a pretty snazzy supplement to have in your system regularly. And if you're looking for something to help keep you well whenever your children, friends or coworkers start getting a dreaded cough, look no further: Fish oil benefits now include boosting the immune system.

A study from researchers at Michigan State University and East Carolina University published in Journal of Leukocyte Biology showed that fish oil high in omega-3 fatty acid compound docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) apparently boosted one white blood cell's activity. The B cell is integral to our immune system's ability to function, so this boost could potentially assist in helping us fight off illness by improving our immune response.

While I mentioned this potential benefit could help us keep away from getting a cold, these results are important because many, many people have depleted immune systems from a huge variety of serious conditions. Finding more means by which science can help improve the lives of those living with illnesses that affect the immune system such as Crohn's disease, diabetes, arthritis and Lupus is extremely important.

Looking for ways to obtain some fish oil benefits? Not only can you ingest it in pill form, you could also eat a serving of wild-caught fish a few times a week. They tend to eat more algae, which contains lots of omega-3 fatty acid, thus giving you more benefits and less added extras than farmed fish.

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