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This Awesome App Detects If Your Vagina Has An STD Or Just Looks Weird

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iPhone App First Derm Detects STDsIf you're a woman living in the 21st century, you've probably been sent your fair share of dick pics (and no, guys, that is still not okay).

But now, there's an app for that—no, really!—because First Derm accepts photos of your who-ha and anaconda to help detect STDs.

First Derm is an app that gives any worried, sexually active individual the chance to text a doctor a picture of, well, the problem area that may or may not be infected, in exchange for an educated guess on what might be going on.

Launched in Sweden as an STD triage app in 2009, the app now accepts pictures of any rash, bump, wart or weirdo mole above and below the waist, and works with a team of dermatologists to help identify the issue.

Now you can finally stop asking your friend who works as a secretary in the medical field about your, ahem, issues, and start targeting a real professional!

At least, in theory.

If you've ever sent a sext—and let's be honest, you probably have—using First Derm should be easy!

Just take two pictures (one up close, one further away) and describe your symptoms. The app will respond in 24-hours, which is probably quicker than you could schedule a doctor's appointment, and if symptoms look harsh, as they do 30 percent of the time, First Derm will recommend you call your doctor.

The whole process will set you back $40. But if you're paranoid, too busy to see a doctor or a hypochondriac, it's probably worth it.

If you're nervous about your lady parts ending up on the Internet, don't be: The app doesn't ask for identification, and says all diagnoses remain confidential.

While not the perfect solution to discover STDs, it's definitely a way to get some peace of mind if you've got a weird problem down there. If taking sexually explicit photos of yourself creeps you out (as it would for me), just think of it as the Snapchat for your health!

And guys? This is the only time dick pics are okay.

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