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If You’re At Risk For Colon Cancer, Stop Eating Certain Foods, Study Warns

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If You re At Risk For Colon Cancer  Stop Eating Certain Foods  Study Warns shutterstock 99933938 jpgIf you are at risk for colon cancer, a new study has provided some interesting and important information: You can lower your risk of getting this disease by avoiding certain foods.

Researchers from Wageningen University in the Netherlands evaluated 486 people with Lynch syndrome–a genetic disorder that predisposes people to cancer, and leaves 70% of them with colon cancer.

Respondents were asked about their diets and classified into one of four groups according to what they ate: high in fruits, vegetables and whole grains; high in meat and coffee; high in a Mediterranean-type diet that included fish, leafy greens, pasta, sauces and wine; and high in fried snacks, fast food and diet soda.

Not surprisingly, the fourth group, those whose diet was high in junk food, had the highest risk for developing colon cancer. In fact, after evaluating the numbers and factoring in those who smoked and had other risk factors, the junk food group was twice as likely to develop cancerous tumors in their colon.

Akke Botma, the lead author of the study explained:

These patients have this very high risk because of this (genetic) mutation they have, but it might be that they could reduce the number of (tumors) by having a more healthy lifestyle.

Because this is the first study to link certain foods to colon cancer among this group, researchers are saying more testing is necessary before recommending specific diets to patients. But one thing seems clear–diets that are full of fresh, whole foods and void of junk foods and fried foods continue to have the most positive effects on fighting disease.

One more reason to eat clean and healthy.

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