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Fig Recipe Roundup (Happy Belated National Fig Week)

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Guys, I am sorry to report that we missed National Fig Week. Until yesterday, I did not know it was a thing, but then I saw something on Pinterest about it. Naturally, I got all excited to do a fig recipe roundupin celebration today, because figs are both underused and awesome (fact: they are the most talked about fruit in the Bible), and because arbitrary fruit-celebrating time periods make me laugh (near my college there was a whole month designated for paw-paws). Only further research reveals–National Fig Week was last week. Well, I don't care, I am posting a fig recipe roundup today anyway and you're gonna enjoy it. Happy belated National Fig Week, everybody! 

Fig fact #1: One serving of figs is about 3 to 5 fresh or dried figs, or about 1/4 cup

Fig recipe #1: Fig and anise clafoutis from Food 52

Fig fact #2: One serving of figs counts as one serving of fruit.

Fig recipe #2: Arugula salad with figs, pine nuts, and radicchio from Martha Stewart

Fig fact #3:  Figs provide more fiber than any other common fruit or vegetable, about 5 grams per serving (20% daily value)

Fig recipe #3: Barley, chicken and fig salad from Whole Living

Fig fact #4: Figs are high in polyphenols, the type of antioxidants also found in red wine and green tea. Their antioxidant value is comparable to that of apples.

Fig recipe #4: Tomato, fresh Ffig and blue cheese salad from the New York Times

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