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Meatless Monday: 10 Delicious Fennel Recipes For Fall

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fennel pear salad

Fennel is one of those things that pops up in farmers markets and CSA boxes…and most people we know get a little skittish about using it. But if you're not familiar, don't worry: It's not difficult to work with, once you have the proper inspiration and instruction. The flavor is a bit licoricey, but it's light, and paired with the right ingredients, it doesn't have to taste like a swig of sambuca. To help you get acquainted, we found ten ways to have fun with fennel this fall (and trust us, we saved you a lot of work–it appears that everyone has a hard time figuring out what to with fennel).

The recipes vary from rich to light, and the flavors are all over the map–but we tried to stick with recipes that feature fall flavors and fresh ingredients that are available this time of year. Trust us, they'll make you appreciate this less-popular fall staple: