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4 Fabulous Feminist Fitness Blogs You Should Be Reading

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Reading healthy living and fitness blogs can get a little bit repetitive and boring after awhile. Paleo breakfast with bacon, check. Excited post about new pair of running shoes, check. Picture of gloppy looking overnight oats, check. Recap of novelty race with zombies or colored chalk, check. I love peeping peoples' healthy lifestyles, but all of those happy-looking ladies who are devoted to their calorie-counting, exercise journaling and upbeat excited-about-life-ness can look and seem the same after awhile, especially when it comes to the sometimes questionable attitudes about weight loss and female bodies.  I mean, can we get a little patriarchy-smashing and body-positivity up in the fitness blogosphere? That's where these four fitness blogs come in. They're everything you love about the healthy living internet with a healthy dash of real, no bullshit, feminist flavor.

1. Fit And Feminist: A must read. I can't say enough glowing things about Caitlin and her blog, which is one part personal fitness journal, one part smart dissection of women, health and fitness in the media and basically 5000 parts badass. Follow her on Facebook, too; She shares all sorts of awesome links.

2. Leaf Parade:  So, the blogger behind Leaf Parade doesn't necessarily call herself a feminist, but if this “Open Letter To Women's Health Magazine” is any indication, we can count Emily as one of our kind. Her blog also features posts about running, delicious recipes and all kinds of general awesomeness related to living a healthful life. Add to your Feedly reader ASAP.

3. Fit, Feminist and Almost Fifty: Another blog that has feminist in the title, that takes on our society's ridiculous ageist stereotypes, all wrapped up in a fitness-focused package? YES. Follow along with Sam B and Tracy I's fitness adventures as they work towards getting fit by age 50.

4. Man Bicep: Cori's funny, useful blog is about weightlifting, working out, healthy (Paleo-ish) recipes, and more. She's a certified personal trainer, so her blog is a lot about fitness, of course, but there's a lot of good reminders to be grounded and realistic in your pursuit of healthy, too. I also love that her blog is named after a joke she made to her friends!