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Female Prisoners Looking for Love Online

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Prison courtships are not new. For years it has been commonplace for women to court male prisoners, carrying on pen-pal romances and stuffing envelopes with perfumed pictures or fistfuls of cash. Some women pointed to the desire to break out of the normalcy of life by courting a bad boy. Others saw a soul to save.

Now the tables have turned. About 100,000 women are in prison in America, according to the Justice Department, and as that number grows because of drug use and the increased number of women involved in violent crimes, Web sites are offering men increased opportunities to find potential mates in prison — and increased opportunities to end up heartbroken or swindled by scams.

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Some of the sites that allow prisoners to find potential love interest are:

Womenbehindbars.com,  Ladiesofthepen.com, Writeaprisoner.com, Inmate-connections.com, Inmatesforyou.com and Cellpals.com

— though I can't say that I would ever feel comfortable perusing this method of trying to find love or romance, I have always said that people do seem to find love in the strangest of places.

Would you ever consider utilizing such a site?  If so, feel free to present your views.