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Female Friendship: Are The Pitfalls Worth The Perks?

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We’ve never been crazy about sororities. Not that we have anything against matching sweatshirts or tailgating, we just know from experience that when you get 50 teenage girls together in one place, there are going to be some tears. Kelly Valen, author of The Twisted Sisterhood, probably wishes that she knew that before she pledged a sorority. She was betrayed and humiliated by her sorority sisters, leaving her with trust issues when it came to female friends. She did a survey of 3,000 women from around the U.S., and she found that she wasn’t alone in her not-so-sisterly feelings of discomfort with women.

We’ve all got a story or two about how a close woman friend hung us out to dry. We can’t help but guess what leads to these situations: Competitiveness, self-esteem issues, or just plain old egotism. Are you happy with having a good group of (sometimes spiteful) women friends or do you feel lucky to just have one good drama-free girlfriend?

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