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Feds Finally Cave On Over-The-Counter Emergency Contraception

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Good news, ladies and gents: Emergency contraception (aka “Plan B” or the morning-after pill) will indeed be sold over-the-counter in drugstores with lower age restrictions — and without caveats from the federal government.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced that it won’t pursue an appeal to U.S. District Judge Edward Korman’s¬†decision to expand emergency contraception access after all.

In April, Korman ordered the FDA to eliminate age and point-of-sale restrictions (such as having to show identification) for Plan B emergency contraception pills. The FDA has long opposed this common-sense plan, and initially rejected Judge Korman’s ruling.

But in a court filing Monday, the FDA abruptly reversed its position and said it would comply with Korman’s order. It also said it would act quickly to approve an application from Teva Pharmaceuticals, make of Plan-B One-Step, for approval of the pill without restrictions.

Teva’s application, it’s approval and relabeling of Plan-B pills will all have to take place before they actually see the other side of the counter. But within several weeks, women and men 15 and older should be able to buy it from drugstores along with condoms and other medications.

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