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What Your Favorite Super Bowl Snack Says About You

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What Your Favorite Super Bowl Snack Says About You superbowl snack 640x449 jpgThe Super Bowl, like most American traditions, revolves around food. Sure you can say it’s about Football and sportsmanship and America and competition and the end of a sporting season, but when you really think about it, the Super Bowl is a celebration of American snacking.

Those lucky people that will be attending the game will surely be gorging themselves on overpriced concessions while they cheer for their team, faces and abdomens painted to display support. Football fans at home will be positioned in front of their television snacks with a spread of snacks ready for cramming into mouths that are already open from shouting at the screen. Some people who don’t like Football at all will be crowded around some massive flatscreen, just for the socializing and the huge pile of refreshments.

What Super Bowl snack do you hope will be represented at your party’s snack table? Your favorite munchie reveals a lot about your personality…

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