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My 8 Favorite Pieces From The New H&M Conscious Collection

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My 8 Favorite Pieces From The New H M Conscious Collection hm5n 1 web jpg

I’m a pretty huge fan of H&M, as I am often on a fairly low budget for clothing, yet really love shopping every once in a while. Over the past couple years, I have been especially impressed by their selection of organic clothing (the only suit I own, an off-white one, is actually from the collection they released in 2010). Now, the newest H&M Conscious Collection is out and it looks pretty fantastic for summer/fall.

“We wanted great fashion with the added bonus of sustainable materials,” said Catarina Midby, head of fashion and sustainability at H&M.

The eco-friendly line is made from recycled polyester chiffon and organic cotton. Some of it is a little over-the-top for my tastes, but plenty of the pieces are gorgeous and I will likely be picking ’em up. Considering the amount of textile waste is absolutely overwhelming to think about, it is increasingly important to those who love fashion (and anybody who wears clothes, really) to seek out solid companies with lines of better-made clothing. If you’re interested in things that fall into this category,

Note: This isn’t a sponsored post or anything like that; I’ve just heard from a lot of readers that they have trouble finding nice-looking work or party clothes that are sustainably made (and are not baggy ponchos).

Photos: H&M.com